Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Life's real. Its made up of little things--minutes, hours, naps, errands, routine. And it has to be enough.

Now that the hub-bub of the wedding is over and Matt and I are finally able to settle a bit into our "new" life together, I would like to let out a long exasperated sigh.

The wedding was beautiful and perfectly imperfect. The reception was so unexpectedly fun (in that I hoped everyone else would have fun, but I did not expect to have as much fun as I did). The honeymoon was relaxing and quiet--so quiet, at times, that Matt and I just looked at each other and wondered, okay, now what do we do? And then the honeymoon was over. The moment the plane touched down in Atlanta, the phones came on and the normal, hectic life we had left behind just 6 days earlier made its reappearance.

It has been a whirlwind of a month, to say the least. And, actually, if I'm being honest, it has been a whirlwind of 3 months. Between buying the house, the start of school, and getting married, there were moments when we were barely breathing, much less talking.

So, in short, I like being married much more than I enjoyed being engaged. Let's be honest. After 18 months, who wouldn't be over the engagement?

Life in our little Green house is fun and comfortable, sometimes fiery. We enjoy our small disagreements and work hard to make each other happy. That's something that I hope we never forget how to do. I really enjoy coming home every night and having someone here that is just for me and I'm just for him, even though he's a grump.

And so, normal life has re-commenced; the routine of every day the same and a little different. Tired by 9, awake by 6. Throw in good friends, good runs, good books, and a stupid cat. What you have before you folks are a couple of tired, happy people. In truth, I am still trying to figure things out.

Blame my impatience with myself, and only myself, but I had kinda hoped we were past figuring it out. But I always do forget the point: every experience is one to grow on until the next. So far, though, being married is pretty easy. It hasn't been this earth-shattering shift in lifestyle that I had been warned about.

My favorite day of the week has officially become Saturday. I used to really enjoy Wednesdays because my schedule at school was a little easier and it meant that the work week was halfway over, but I've recently decided that Saturday offers everything I love about a day. Sleep late (maybe), run, watch football, clean a little (maybe), see friends, be outside, eat well, time for a nap, and a husband who is equally dedicated to a day of enjoyment. My love for Saturday might also have something to do with the fact that I work every other day. But any way you look at it, Saturday is splendid.

This is not to say that I do not love the days that I work. I love my jobs and I love all of the kids that I get to work with on a daily basis. I'm passionate about what I do and the many hats that I am blessed to wear. Lately, however, I've been exhausted. I'm going to call it a wedding hangover. While we slept a lot on our honeymoon, I could use another week of sleep. And so, in my tired state, I may or may not be giving off negative energy. Don't worry. I'm remedying this.

During one of the happiest periods of my life, I've become spoiled. In many ways, I forgot that being happy takes hard work, every day. Just like anything in life--anything that you want (or need, coincidentally) takes hard work. So, instead of riding this wave right out of happy newly-wed and into unhappy married couple, I'm recognizing a need for a recommitment to my personal happiness as well as Matt's. Pretty soon, the newness will wear off, just like the shininess of our new kitchen gadgets. And I'd rather start working on being happy, regardless, again.

Life's real. Its made up of little things--minutes, hours, naps, errands, routine. And it has to be enough.